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Mi casa es tu casa. Welcome to my creative house, make yourself at home. All my art is free and available here, I trust in giving love without conditions.


One of my greatest passion in life is film and I have been producing a variety of inspiring content during the last 10 years while travelling in many countries. Here you can have access to most of the content, my experiences and also contribute to the development of these projects.

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Qinti’s first experimental film. It’s an slacker comedy, a unique portrait of the artistic life in the cultural city of Valparaíso.


Video Workshop

A TV series with a first season of 8 episodes. In Valparaíso the young misfits attend with particular visions of the modern video and the urban culture of a unique city.


Dead Desperado

Web series. A comedy fake documentary, it uses the horror genre as a creative base. The Valpiro refuge where vampires, zombies and demons coexist.



Abundance, beauty and balance are the reality of our universe and I believe in working in harmony with these laws.

I am aware that we are spiritual beings that emerge from the pure source energy and we are part of a divine loving consciousness that creates everything we experience. I dedicate my life to manifest that beautiful emanation of love and share positive content that aim to reconnect us with the harmony of our source.

Everybody has access to the source of consciousness and therefore happiness. The tao, God, Om, Dark Energy, Éter, Gaia are for me different perspectives of the same divine consciousness that we are all part of. Nature offers us infinite evidence of this divine harmony.

I believe that everybody is an artist of its own life. Whatever you express, if you do it with love and appreciation, for me it is a manifestation of the art of living and I will stand by your side to support your right to do it and to encourage you to believe in yourself.

How You Can Get Inspired

Equilibre Audiovisual

Equilibre is a the name of the film Production Organization that has produced film projects, TV series, Short Film and Documentary.

Qinti Anima

You can enjoy a variety of content, interviews, podcast, meditations and articles that I share regularly.


Music is the language of the soul, it speaks directly to the heart, let us tune in with the same vibration.


What People Say About Qinti (Juan)

I feel strongly that Juan will be a filmmaker of national and international standards. He will be a cultural ambassador of his country in the years to come.

Paul Wolfram – Victoria University New Zealand

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