Costa Rica

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Life feels good when we are aware of our choices. I believe that there is not an standard of how to live life. Everybody is different, everybody has a unique beautiful path and abilities. I'm here living this because I decide this for me. I didn't know how, but the universe and synchronicity brought me here. I believe we are spirits living a human experience, our experiences have been perfectly design for us and every random person or situation are not random. There are infinite possibilities and we are choosing every single second. Sometimes we understand, sometimes we have to let it go, but when we look back we realise how much we have grown. The most powerful tools I found to consciously design my life are: 1) Focus, whatever we pay attention comes to us. 2) What we say with our mouth. I always.. I am… that's how we redefine ourselves. 3) Understand/believe that only the present exist. The present is the result of the present. What we believe is supporting our reality. Everything is possible. 4) Gratitude. The best way to activate our receiving mode is to be thankful. So many reasons to feel gratitude. What is yours? Much love! #puravida #costarica #everythingispossible #traveling #viajar #beachlife #beachculture #positiveattitude #sunnyday #ballena #nationalpark #parquenacional #uvita #whalecostarica #awaken #spirituality #lawofattraction #synchronicity #sincronicidad

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