In my own process of awakening, it has been a great support to have people I can trust along the way, the guidance of these heroes of consciousness have saved my life many times. From them I got the assistance to handle so much new information, radical changes, challenges and to find my inner voice to trust myself. When the old way of doings things wasn’t working anymore and I knew that personal growth was required, I felt confident to walk into the unknown with this kind friends, I wasn’t alone anymore, and the provided me with so many tools to stop the chronic denial of my infinite power.


BASHAR (Darryl Anka)

Darryl Anka for more than 20 years has being guiding thousands of people with the help of a higher consciousness. His teaching are the most advanced for me.

ABRAHAM (Esther Hicks)

For me Esther Hicks is the real person behind the popular idea of the law of attraction and the secret. She has being channeling Abraham for more than a decade.


Dr. Joe Dispenza

This doctor is the closest we can get to a scientific Jesus Christ. He has been studying the body from a quantum perspective. He is for me the most intelligent person on earth and he is using his power to heal.

Dr. Brian Weiss

The first scientist that I found that came a cross with the unxpected and was courageous enough to explore and learn from it. He is a remarkable psychiatrist that explored spirituality hypnotizing a patient.


Medical Medium
(Anthony Williams)

Anthony Williams has a spirit talking to him since he was 4 years old. He has been healing millions of people. His books are, from my perspective, the most advanced medical information on earth.

Wim Hof
(The Ice Man)

He is the closest we can get to a super human. This man has many records under the most extreme cold temperatures. Using breathing and cold showers he has trained his body and immune system to unseen levels of awakening .


TAO TE CHING (translated by Stephen Mitchell)

This book is the most important Taoist document, it’s an ancient philosophical and existential guidance that is full of wisdom, poetry and can be very inspiring and enlightening for the spirit. The readings of Stephen Mitchell in his audiobook version are a piece of art.


This book is a great guidance for a man to understand his nature and how to be in harmony with his energy. It’s something I was looking for my whole life since sexuality and masculinity has been misunderstood through history. It’s very compatible with Taoist ideas of life.

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