Focus Future

When we experience life as a human separated from our spirit, the only possible future is to reconnect with that spirit.

Everything that exists in the universe is the result of consciousness and focus. What we call God is the union of all cellular consciousness. Everyone of us is a micro version of the universe and every conscious transformation we do to ourselves has an impact on the whole. There are different layers of consciousness: when a group of birds, for example, flies in alignment they are being led by the union of their consciousness, and they become one and the same. When we reconnect with our spiritual consciousness, the same as the bird in the flock, we become part of a greater consciousness that aligns us with the energy which creates the universe.

As Einstein described in his theory of relativity, (something that has been around forever and no one really understands that well), we are always traveling in an eternal present. We are moving in a pool of infinite possibilities. Everything that exists in the universe is the result of consciousness and focus. What we call God is the union of all the cellular consciousness. Everyone of us is a microvertion of the universe and every conscious transformation we do to ourselves has an impact in the whole.

When we focus our attention and feelings on something new, we are transforming ourselves, we are moving to a new perspective and therefore changing our reality. What buddha explained in the phrase “if you want to change the world, change yourself”, is not a romantic idea of being the example of what you believe. Whereas, when he was talking about the technology of life, he was describing how physical experience actually is giving us the most simple and clear manual.

Diversity is the key to understanding the one. There is no such a thing as an objective reality as humans want to encapsulate the physical experience. We are one eternal consciousness experiencing awareness in physical life from infinite different perspectives. We are cellular souls of the universal consciousness. There are infinite perspectives and possibilities within the experience of reality.

Since what we call physical reality is the manifestation of our own previous focus and we are always focusing and feeling, we are always changing the scenario. In every moment we are shifting to a new reality and our focus can bring more of the same that we experience in the past or can bring something different. We are always creating our future from our focus. For example if I focus on the same food I will always experience the same. Whereas if I change my focus and start looking for different options I will move to a different reality.

Therefore what we experience as future is the result of our previous and current focus. Whatever we are focusing on and feeling right now will be reflected in our physical realities.

Our future is the end of the separation with source. What we call physical death is actually the reunion with our greater consciousness and a disconnection from matter (our past focus). Our consciousness remains eternal since nothing can be destroyed or created, it only changes it´s form. So every single one of us has an inner being, a soul and a non-physical consciousness. That inner being knows why we are here and is the one in charge of responding to our desire and supporting anything we are focusing our attention on.

Today there is a great spiritual awakening in the world. A lot of people who used to think that were separate in an individual ego life based in the material or external satisfaction, are realizing that satisfaction and happiness are abundant when we look for it internally. Meditation, yoga and lifestyles that are connected with the natural balance of our planet allows us to reconnect with the essence of who we really are.

The source of life, inner me or spirit, is all the achievement we want to find in life. The reconnection with this real version of ourselves is inevitable. We can either resist and stay separated and we will probably become sick and die and go back to source anyway, to reconnect with our consciousness, or we can enjoy the journey and gradually reunite with the source of life.

Everytime that someone tap into joy and happiness using any available permission that we allow ourselves to experience in order to liberate our natural desire of well being, we together are reuniting with our future and therefore moving closer to the satisfaction of all our physical desires that sooner of later will manifest in our physical life experience.

The better we feel, the closer we are to achieving everything we want in life, since this natural synchronicity between our body and our source of life makes our life a beautiful harmonious experience.

To reconnect with the spirit and enjoy the best possible self love and joy, we humans use a lot of different tools or permissions. It’s well known that plants and psychedelics can allow people to achieve a great degree of joy and clarity. That’s what musicians such Bob Marley did in order to tap into their infinite creativity and love vibration.

In my personal journey I mostly use meditation as a great tool of reconnection with pure positive energy. I also use breathwork and music. Sound healing especially with chants is another very powerful vibrational musical tool. Another way of reconnecting with the divinity and probably the most important for me is making love. Tantra is the art of using at will the power of sexual energy and tapping into source. A sacred sexual connection with love is the core of my existence and probably everybody else´s as Sigmund Freud was trying to understand. Art, creativity, dance, writing, travelling, eating, and absolutely everything can be a great joyful experience when we tap into our passion and excitement.

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