Thank you for reading this, your attention is an honour for me and I hope to offer you inspiration. My life has been so happy and I would love to share that with you.

My name is Qinti Anima (Juan Cortes), I started my life journey in Copiapó, Chile, a valley that crosses the Atacama desert, the driest in the world where you can see the stars and feel connected to the divine.

Born in the national day of my country, I could not be more Chilean, but I am also passionate about traveling, exploring nature and seeing different perspectives of the world. Now I’m living in the UK, enjoying music and culture.


As a person that comes from a place called Chile, my nature can be very intense (spicy). My purpose in life is to contribute to the reconnection of people with their spirit.

Here you can listen to a podcast about my story of spiritual awakening.

South America, Actually ABYA YALA, is a vibrant continent full of colours and female power, Pachamama. I believe I’m a Pachamama Children (and you too) and I surrender my ego to her infinite love. So when I see the world I remember I am not a separate individual that is looking at creation, but instead that it’s the divine playing me like a music instrument. I do as much as I can to lose any resistance and let the spirit to take control of my journey.

I believe in unity. For me we humans are an expression of the spirit that is a cell of a higher consciousness. As I see it, every time that we go to sleep we actually go back home where we belong. LOVE, God or the universe – however you want to call that powerful energy. It is the source of everything and is the only real player behind every piece on the chess board.


I’m passionate about FILM & MUSIC. Dance, veganism, surf and yoga are also priorities in my life. I want to capture and embody beauty/harmony. As a director and producer my job is to have or identify good ideas and understand people abilities to get the best out of them. Some people say that successful people has 10% talent and 90% dedication, for me it is 100% attitude and so DEDICATION.

Two years ago we started our own film company in Chile and now we are producing an 8 chapter TV series (in postproduction). We are also writing a new similar project, documentaries and a bunch of other incredible fantasy projects.


One the biggest advantages of my work is that it allows me to travel and live anywhere I want. Apart for travelling and living in different cities of my beloved Chile; New Zealand, Australia and France are countries where I also have lived and have nurtured me with their different cultural richness.

My contribution

My job is to inspire others, make other people’s life more exciting and optimistic, so you will get a lot of that.

All I have to offer is love. I dedicate my life to serve mother nature and the people (brothers and sisters) that follow their passion and want to have a positive impact in other people lives. I put all my energy in living with integrity and accepting that I’m just another version of the whole.

My friends say that I’m their coach. I’m always pushing people to follow their dreams and supporting them to develop their ideas, creating strategies for that. I’m very good at discovering people’s abilities and clarifying their interests.

Having fun is important to me. I’m a filmmaker because it allows me to be a kid that goes around telling stories and playing with grown up people’s toys.

Buddha said that each religion exists to free people from suffering, and that is my main purpose: to free myself and collaborate with our family.

So if you want to know more about our work and get some inspiration it will be a pleasure for us to share what we are doing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of inspiring you.

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