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Life feels good when we let things come in the right time. Sometimes we want something so much that we get stressed about it and we get frustrated if we don't get in the short term. I learned that absolutely everything we want in our lives and its key to happen we will get it in the right time and we will enjoy the process of unfolding. For example playing a music instrument or having a great skill. It takes time, dedication and love to get it and that is actually life. Surfing taught me that there is always a next wave, a new sunny day, that seasons come and go, that every year we have new opportunities. So instead of focusing on the absence of waves, I focus on the future waves. I spent a whole winter in Viña del Mar improving my swimming in a pool preparing myself for today surfing. I enjoyed the process so much and I tried to see all my new desires with the same perspective. When I discover something I want I get happy about it, even if I don't have it in my hand yet, but I know for sure I will. So I start planning around it. For example if I want to travel to a new country, I can start today by learning a bit of the language, watching films or youtube videos about the place and so on. I give thanks in advance for all the great desires you will manifest. Much love. Thanks my love 📸💚@annastephenss #ataraxiabocasdeltoro #kayak #panama #travelling #gopro #traveling #viajeros #vegan #chileno #spiritual #enjoylife #staypositive #lifeisgreat #positivethinking #manifestation #leydeatraccion #filmmaker #cineasta #videomaker #inspirational #island #caribbean #caribe #puravida #beliveinyourself #patience #paciencia #wildmagic

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