Spiritual Awakening

I had a life changing experience, hyper consciousness awareness. out of body spirit journey and rebirth after drinking San Pedro Cactus from Atacama Chile.

This is a very private story that I just told to my close friends, but today I feel the need of connecting with like-minded people.

10 years ago, I had the call from my soul telling me that life was way more than physical reality, more that what we can experience with our limited 5 senses and I wanted to know and experience that. When I finish university I took the time to study it and learn that we are a spirit, we are all connected. I read fascinating scientific people that came to the same conclusions and download information from high conscious sources, everything resonated with my soul. Then I needed a proof.


This is the second more strong awakening experience I had and I really recommend it since it’s very joyful. I did it for the first time in Bali with a group of around 30 people and it was very powerful for liberating emotionational resistance from the body. I laughed for the first 20 minutes and then I cried for another half of an hour. Now I practice it very often anytime a need a strong connection with my spirit.

This is a great explanation of the same idea.

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