EQUILIBRE AUDIOVISUAL is a film and video organization founded for Qinti Anima to expand, connect and manifest with other collaborators with whom he share the same creative passion. They have been producing a variety of inspiring content with diverse degree of collaboration during the last 10 years. Here you can have access to most of them and also contribute to the development of new projects.



Qinti’s first experimental film. It’s an slacker comedy, a unique portrait of the artistic life in the cultural city of Valparaíso.


Video Workshop

A TV series with a first season of 8 episodes. In Valparaíso the young misfits attend with particular visions of the modern video and the urban culture of a unique city.


Dead Desperado

Web series. A comedy fake documentary, it uses the horror genre as a creative base. The Valpiro refuge where vampires, zombies and demons coexist.

Pacific Kids

Qinti’s new documentary about a social program in Valparaíso. Volunteers form the US support children at risk involving them in surf, english lessons and, most importantly, their honest friendship.

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TDV: Taller de Video

TDV “Taller de Video” [Video Workshop] is a TV series with a first season of 8 chapters of 45 min duration. It is about a group of different young people who attend a video workshop dictated by a decadent actress. It takes place in the city of Valparaíso, the historic port of Chile. Vicente, a young man, talented in animation and drawing, prepares an internship in Japan, but his mother, Claudia, forced by justice must teach a video workshop to which the young misfits of the city arrive with particular visions of the modern video. It is a series that shows different styles and current trends of the new generation, recognizing the value of diversity and the right of young people to experience the positive of the urban culture offered to them.