This is a an experimental film made in the cultural city of Valparaíso, Chile. In 2010 after finishing film school and with the help of his friends, Juan Cortés (Qinti Anima) filmed in 11 days his first long feature film. His Friend Pablo Cortes supported him with the necessary equipment and Carolina Opazo helped him with the production and they made this guerrilla film only with $600 dollars. It’s a slacker comedy in which Antonio De La Fuente, Sergio Diaz and Paula Reyes perform as a group of artist wanting to make a living out of their passion.




It’s a pleasure to share with you the story behind this film and tell about our motivation to have produced it 10 years ago. It’s very exciting to re value the dream of becoming a film director and the inspiration that the whole group was experiencing in the making of this artistic collaboration. It’s my intention to inspire our audience to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves no matter what, same as the characters of Valparadaise.

The Director’s Commentary



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